Understanding Rack Apps and Middleware

Many web developers work on the highest levels of abstraction when we program. And sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted. Especially when we’re using Rails.

Have you ever dug into the internals of how the request/response cycle works in Rails? I recently realized that I knew almost nothing about how Rack apps or middleware works—so I spent a little time finding out. Below are my findings. 

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[Press Release] Engine Yard Unveils Platinum Support

Ruby on Rails Experts Offer Unprecedented Stack Support to Its Customers

Austin, TX—August 18, 2017—Engine Yard, the leading provider of support services for Ruby on Rails applications, is proud to announce the introduction of its Platinum Support level. More details about this unprecedented service offering can be found at www.engineyard.com/platinum.

Many Engine Yard customers expressed a need for Ruby on Rails engineers to work more like a part of their internal organizations. Engine Yard listened to these requests and responded with a new Platinum Support level, which provides enhanced, proactive, 24/7 support as well as application and development services built into the plan. This offering empowers application developers to sleep well at night knowing someone is overseeing their network. It also means they have somewhere to turn if a perplexing coding or scripting issue arises.

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Using jQuery with Rails: How To

JavaScript allows you to update HTML without reloading the page. This makes the interaction with your website faster as you only need to upload some parts of the page instead of the whole page. jQuery is a popular JavaScript library used by a lot of developers regardless of the language or framework used.

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Five Ruby Methods You Should Be Using

There’s something magical about the way that Ruby flows from your fingertips. Perhaps that’s why it was once said that “Ruby will teach you to express your ideas through a computer.” And it’s most likely the reason that Ruby has become such a popular choice for modern web development.

Just as in other languages, there are numerous ways to say the same thing in Ruby. I spend a lot of time reading and nitpicking people’s code on Exercism. And I often see exercises solved in a way that could be greatly simplified if the author had only known a certain Ruby method.

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Chef Wrapper Cookbook on EY Cloud

Chef wrapper cookbooks allow reuse of chef code without having to copy the whole recipe. The focus of this post is using this pattern on Engine Yard Cloud.

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Encrypted Rails Secrets on Rails 5.1

Rails already provides a way to handle secrets. This has gotten better in 5.1 with the introduction of encrypted secrets. Find out how to use this feature and what you need to change on your current Rails application.

This post comprises of the following sections:
Secrets Without Encryption
Encrypted Secrets
Reading the Secrets
Advantages of Encrypted Secrets
Managing the Key
A Note on Secret Key Base

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Is "The Cloud" going to overrun offline developers?

NOTE: This post was originally published as an answer to a question on Quora.

There are few different things to untangle here!

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Kubernetes Tutorial: Running a Rails App in Kubernetes

As stated on their website, "Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications." Here we'll take a Rails app, create an image using a Dockerfile, and let Kubernetes manage the containers for us.

We will discuss the following:

  • Secrets
  • Deployments
  • Services
  • Running locally via Minikube
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Building a Vagrant Box from Start to Finish

Note: This article was originally published at tylerbird.org. It was recently updated for publication on the Engine Yard blog.

The goal of Vagrant is to make it simple to create a local development environment so that you’d never want to do it another way again. You can quickly set up your first Vagrant environment with two simple commands. And with a third, you’re connected to your first Vagrant box—all in under a few minutes.

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