AppLand and Engine Yard Partner to Accelerate Code Onboarding


Exciting news! AppLand and Engine Yard, the original Platform-as-a-Service product, are partnering to help developers onboard to new or updated code faster. Engine Yard’s new hosted, virtual developer environment DevSpacesincludes embedded access to AppMapsso users can navigate their code via beautiful, automatically generated dependency maps, execution traces, and service and schema catalogs. AppMaps enable developers to see the impact of every line of code and preview the effects and side-effects of their code changes before they ship – all from directly inside their code editor.

To access AppMaps, Engine Yard users can simply turn on AppLand when running their tests. Each AppMap serves as an interactive guide to features within a code base by showing how different pieces of complex applications fit together. AppMaps allow Engine Yard users to onboard to new code faster and/or regain familiarity with code that’s changed.

“We’re thrilled to partner with fellow Ruby enthusiast Engine Yard to help more developers work with code in a whole new way,” said Elizabeth Lawler,AppLand Founder and CEO. “With AppMaps, Engine Yard users can explore, understand and improve their code by clearly seeing how each feature behaves as they work. AppMaps’ interactive code analysis technology also allows Engine Yard users to preview critical changes before they commit and resolve bugs faster and more confidently.”

In addition to accelerating onboarding processes with AppMaps, Engine Yard provides Click-to-Code and Click-to-Deploy capabilities. With just one click, Engine Yard users can access clean development environments so they can be productive right away and spend less time running DevOps scripts.

“Engine Yard’s mission is to help developers get their applications to market faster. We’re excited to add AppLand’s interactive code analysis capabilities to Engine Yard’s development environments, DevSpaces, to accelerate application delivery even further,” said Ravi Duddukuru, Chief Product Officer at Engine Yard. “Too often, developers spend a lot of time setting up development environments and analyzing code line-by-line. DevSpaces provides high performance, clean development environments in seconds. The AppMap extension installed on DevSpaces visualizes code so developers can interactively analyze code and be productive faster.”

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To view a demo of AppMaps and Engine Yard in action, click here. To start using AppMaps and other pre-packaged integrations within Engine Yard, click here.

For more information on AppLand and Engine Yard, tune into their talks at RailsConf 2021:

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