Engine Yard Kontainers Is Now Generally Available


We are delighted to announce that the Engine Yard Kontainers is now LIVE.  Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK), is a fully managed container-based infrastructure to run your applications without building DevOps expertise. We introduced EYK in July 2020 as an alpha version. Thanks to many of our customers who worked closely with us from alpha to GA.


EYK runs Kubernetes infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and takes advantage of all that the modern cloud and container infrastructure has to offer. As a result, your applications deployed on EYK are fast, secure, instantly scalable, and cost-effective. Orchestration, cluster management, networking, load balancing, monitoring, and log aggregation are all just built into your EYK infrastructure. Best of all, you get all these benefits without having to develop DevOps expertise because EYK is fully managed and supported.


Engine Yard Kontainers is leading the shift to the NoOps paradigm – learn more about how Engine Yard takes DevOps to NoOps so that you can continue focusing on your applications.


Private Clusters is the default deployment mode.  EYK provisions private clusters that are run in an AWS account and a VPC that is exclusively yours, and not shared with anyone else.

EYK doesn’t expect a containerized application. You can just bring your application and EYK can provide containerization (aka Application Stacks) that you can just use.

You pay only for what you use and there is no idle infrastructure.  Autoscaling is seamless and built into EYK. To understand more about the benefits of containers check out our blog post.

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Finally, you can continue to expect the outstanding support you know and love.

Ready to explore EYK? Sign up now and get a $100 credit to use for 7 days with your own private cluster.


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Deploying, running and managing your Ruby on Rails app is taking away precious resources? Engine Yard takes the operational overhead out of the equation, so you can keep innovating.

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