Cloud Application Hosting Made Easy


At Engine Yard we provide your business with a cloud hosting platform for a wide range of applications built in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js as well as other languages (you can install any language framework you wish). Our platform automation takes care of the configuration, deployment and ongoing maintenance of your application in the cloud. We make sure all aspects of application management are covered which include installing your code, and configuring a hardened runtime environment, including OS, language and database environments. 

At Engine Yard we provide our customers with the best cloud based application hosting services on the market. We provide solutions for small businesses looking to deploy web applications that require a single compute instance as well as large enterprises with applications that require the reliability and performance of high availability clusters.




Easy Deployment

Cloud application hosting with Engine Yard is reliable and easy. Our simple deployment process automates your application environment on top of AWS and saves you from having to keep an in-house cloud and database specialist.




Engine Yard offers full customization through fine grained controls using SSH access to instances and environment customization via chef recipes.



DevOps expertise

Our DevOps engineers have over a decade of experience supporting high availability clusters and sensitive deployments. The team is experienced in deployment, scaling and high availability strategies.


A cloud hosting platform that can host applications developed in any language


You build it and we’ll host it! Straight out of the box Engine Yard comes provisioned with support for Ruby, PHP, and Node.js. We've compiled some quick tips on how to get started deploying your applications on our Cloud hosting platform.



Cloud Hosting for Node.js Applications

Deploy Your Node.js Application on Engine Yard Cloud

Node.js is a development framework for high performance, highly scalable web

applications and helps unify development of front-end and server-side architectures.

Prepare your local machine for Node.js development
Create your Node.js application
Set your Node.js Version Number
Deploy your Node.js application on Engine Yard Cloud



Cloud Hosting for Ruby on Rails Applications

How Your Ruby Code Is deployed on Engine Yard Cloud

Ruby on rails is a server-side web application framework providing

default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.



Cloud Hosting for PHP Applications

How to deploy a PHP application on Engine Yard Cloud.

PHP is a server-side scripting language for developing both small scale

applications as well as large enterprise solutions. 

How to use Composer for PHP
Migration guides for Orchestra customers
Getting Started with PHP on Engine Yard Cloud [slides]