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Easy AWS Application Hosting with Our Fully Managed Service

Did you know that Amazon offers over 17 distinct ways of running containerized workloads on AWS?

There is a dramatically simpler solution for auto-scaled containerized workloads. Leave all the infrastructure management to our team of experts and focus on building your application.

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Why Choose Engine Yard?

Thousands of teams with limited DevOps support easily run complex containerized applications with Engine Yard:

If you are looking to host your applications in the cloud here are just some of the choices you have to make if you want to DIY.​

  • What infrastructure should you choose (application server, database, dependencies)?
  • Will your production environment guarantee you reliability, scalability and resilience?
  • Where will the application logs be stored and how will you troubleshoot issues?
  • How will your application be monitored 24×7?
  • How will you manage load balancing and replication across multiple servers?

Faced with this plethora of choices most teams end up creating bespoke permutations and combinations that work great until upgrades require you to keep up with tens or hundreds of configuration changes. There is a better, more efficient way. Choose Engine Yard.

Why Choose Engine Yard?

Engine Yard is designed specifically for application developers and takes the complexity out of infrastructure provisioning with standardized best-in-class operations that deliver economies of scale and evolve easily with minimal hassle

We provide a complete cloud hosting platform for a wide range of applications built in Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, and other languages (you can install any language framework you wish)

Our solutions are designed for small businesses looking to deploy web applications that require a single compute instance as well as for large enterprises with applications that require the reliability and performance of high availability clusters


Quick & Easy Deployment

Application deployment has never been easier than with Engine Yard. We have reduced the time it takes to deploy new apps from days to minutes with a quick one-click deployment directly from your Github repository.

  • Simply write your code, commit your changes, and just push to the remote repository. Based on your Dockerfile, an image will be built and your application containers will be deployed
  • Run your code without any customization. Engine Yard automatically analyzes your code, creates containers, and runs them on Kubernetes clusters
  • Out of the box support for popular languages and frameworks like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Maximize availability with rolling deployments, meaning no downtime or customer impact during deployments. Engine Yard leverages 12-factor app principles for modern application deployment and management experience

Fully Managed Service

Our platform automation takes care of the configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of your application in the cloud.

  • We make sure all aspects of application management are covered including installing your code and configuring a hardened runtime environment, including OS, language, and database environments
  • We automatically do the planning for replication, backup, and recovery. You can also stay up to date once you deploy your environment. with regular stack updates for both security patches and new functionality
  • The Engine Yard platform lives within your private and isolated account, which means that you share no resources with anyone providing a high level of security. Our platform also automatically configures all security groups and firewalls to minimize exposure

Designed For Scale & Performance

Automatically scale your application by not having to worry about provisioning infrastructure based on planned usage. The Engine Yard platform intelligently monitors application performance providing robust insights into how the application runs and behaves in production to optimize the operations of the application.

  • The Engine Yard platform uses containers for speed and agility as well as flexibility. Based on CPU, memory, or even custom business rules, you can set the auto-scaling policy that makes your application ready to serve an increased number of requests, whenever this is needed
  • You can also keep costs low and easily optimize resource utilization as you scale. The platform monitors application performance and uses these insights to intelligently rightsize infrastructure using machine learning technologies
  • Get automated alerts in case of application failure, abnormal resource usage, etc. You can also add your own alerts. Log aggregation centralizes all of your application logs. You can easily analyze application errors or diagnose performance problems

Outstanding 24x7 Support

At Engine Yard we take great pride in our support offering which is universally acknowledged to be one of the best in business.

  • Our world-class support team includes experts who can help diagnose issues, find performance bottlenecks, and optimize your code to make the best out of your application
  • Our DBAs and System Admins are domain experts with over 20 years of experience. The team has extensive experience with Linux and has also worked with microservice technologies such as Hephy, Kubernetes, Docker
  • In case you are strapped for DevOps resources, we also provide you with access to a seasoned DevOps team
  • All these resources are included in our support plans and do not require any additional investment
See how Engine Yard can help your team focus on your big idea

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Our customers are building new features and great products. They don’t have to worry about their infrastructure anymore.

Craig Bennett


“I’m so grateful we had Engine Yard during those times,” “It was the first major multi-retailer sale event where we’ve had no worries about running at sufficient scale. There was no backlog of processing and all orders were processed promptly. We got a lot of really nice comments from customers on how fast the platform was. It was extraordinary for us — brilliant.”

CJ Johnson

Chief Technical Officer Co-Founder

“We rely on Engine Yard to deliver a flexible, reliable platform with a rock-solid stack, so we don’t have to invest in building internal resources and hiring an ops team. Even with our customized configurations, Engine Yard makes it easy to deploy – we just click a button. We go from development to staging to production with all of our focus on building a great product.”

Kiran Darisi

Director Technical Operations

“We didn’t have a dedicated DevOps team at the start, so we chose Engine Yard to run our highly scalable help desk application. This allowed us to focus on building new features, and we released our pre-beta software in three months – without Engine Yard, it would have taken at least double that time. Engine Yard support and professional services are exceptional. They are quick to respond and provide their expertise on everything from stack updates to database support and chef recipes.”

Sankara Rameswaran

Principal Architect

“Engine Yard is a great partner for running our infrastructure. We are a really small team of engineers, yet we have the same kind of infrastructure as a company with excellent resources. With Engine Yard, we get deployment, monitoring, recovery, and scaling. Essentially, they are our extended DevOps team.”

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