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We assist with small to large deployments, of any instance size, across a spectrum of applications ranging from SaaS, mobile, eCommerce, interactive websites, marketing campaigns and healthcare. Our team members are hands on, personable and passionate about their work. Their expertise includes deployment strategies, application and database analysis, custom Chef, code and security audits, scaling, disaster recovery and much more.

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We give you the flexibility to choose the levels of automation and control you need.


Some conventional PaaS providers give you all the automation you want but don’t allow you to really control anything, which is fine for relatively simple workloads that will not need much modification. Others are DIY platforms that give you all the control you need but require countless hours for you to configure, manage and maintain.

We offer the best of both worlds, allowing you plenty of automation or fine-grained control, for instance, you get both full root access on your virtual servers and the flexibility of custom Chef recipes to configure your servers.

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Self-contained environment

Another common risk of working with conventional PaaS providers is the sharing of infrastructure and virtual machines.

This can produce “noisy neighbor” problems, where one application impacts another’s performance, and security issues as shared access to the platform introduces risk across all workloads.

On Engine Yard, your environment is self-contained with dedicated resources and isolated from the others.


Self-contained environment


Your instances run directly on the infrastructure, independently of our platform.


Unlike other PaaS solutions, we do not introduce any intermediate layers between your app and the infrastructure. In the event that their solution goes down, your application will be inaccessible.

However, with Engine Yard, in the event our platform goes down, your application will still continue to run on the infrastructure.


We run everything from small scale web applications to large scale enterprise applications across a variety of industries.

We’re not a conventional PaaS, unable to scale as your application grows. Whether you need to prototype an idea or deploy production applications that are high volume or high performing, we scale to meet your needs.

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We provide operating system, database, network security and vulnerability management.


Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready Our eyes and ears are always open to new security bugs and fixes and we take care of all patches while maintaining compatibility between components. With our SOC 2 audits, you can be assured of the discipline in our systems and procedures. We also enable you to run HIPAA compliant applications on our platform.

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Extend your app with add-ons

We’ve partnered with innovative, industry-leading solutions enabling you to easily extend your app while still having a single point of contact for technical support.