Focus on building great applications instead of worrying about the complexities of supporting production environments and time consuming day-to-day system administration and maintenance tasks. Engine Yard gives you the flexibility to choose the levels of automation and control you need with our team of experts supporting you at every stage along the way.

The stack

Engine Yard’s stack offers multiple languages, load balancers, app servers, and databases.

How it works: Engine Yard

Our automation and orchestration is the engine, the core of our cloud application platform. We provide

Stack Management

Automation and Orchestration

Monitoring and Alerting


Engine Yard offers the most complete support in the industry including your app, the app environment, and the infrastructure layer. We ensure access and security all along the way too.

Feature Highlights

Automated AWS Infrastructure Management

  • Self Service Provisioning - Add, remove and optimize your application environments on your schedule.
  • Dedicated Tenancy - Run on your own AWS EC2 instances in your own dedicated AWS account. Control your instances which are automatically provisioned with your code and configurations.
  • Platform Independence - Your instances run independently of our platform and are not dependent on Engine Yard to service your customers.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling - Support for a wide range of AWS EC2 instances with the ability to seamlessly scale out, enables you to grow in the way that best suits your application’s performance, redundancy and cost needs.
  • Multi-Region Support - Deploy from any of AWS’ publicly available regions to be close to your customers and to maintain geographic redundancy.
  • Network Security Management - We configure all security groups and firewall rules to only allow the necessary network access for your application and its services needs.

Customizable Application Deployment

  • Automated Application Deployment - Use your Git repo and we will make sure your application is deployed consistently - to all of your application servers - every time. Integrate us into your existing deployment workflow to allow your developers to focus on writing code - not troubleshooting deploys.
  • Ready To Go Stacks - We test and harden our application stacks so that you don’t have to.
  • Ongoing Curation and Security Updates - Deploying your environment is only the beginning, we provide updates for both currency and security patches throughout your application’s life-cycle.
  • Production Ready Databases - We provide dedicated MySQL and Postgres databases that are highly customizable with automated backups and snapshots, master failover/promotion and read replica support.
  • Monitoring and Availability - We not only continuously monitor your environment for issues, we will notify you, automatically replace failed instances and alert our support team.
  • User Access Management - We provide simple tools to allow only the users you specify to access your application environments.

All backed by Engine Yard’s experienced support and professional services teams—dedicated to helping you succeed.
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