Engine Yard is a Heroku Alternative with pricing that gets better as you scale!




At Engine Yard we understand the need for scalability and make it easy for you to grow your business without pushing you to find a cheaper more robust PaaS alternative. We provide you with an option to automatically scale up should there be increased web-traffic or large amounts of data hitting your application database. This ability to scale automatically makes it easy for both business and engineering teams and saves your application from all the issues caused when unplanned traffic hits your site!




The eco-system we provide offers unparalleled flexibility allowing you to deploy your application on your terms. With Engine Yard you get total control over VM configuration and imaging in addition to configuration management and resource optimization. We provide root access for your deployment as well as access to your virtual machines, allowing for far more customization than Heroku could ever provide.



Backups and Management

Our team takes care of day to day operations and management tasks such as performing backups, managing snapshots, managing clusters, administering databases and load balancing. In addition, we follow IT management best practices and ensure operating systems are hardened and software components scanned for vulnerabilities so you can sleep easy and not worry about your application’s PaaS security.




Engine Yard is known for the level of Support we give our customers. We provide our customers with standard phone support and also offer 24/7 premium support that costs a fraction of what your business would end up paying for an in-house resource. Our Premium support plan provides you with access to a team of seasoned DevOps engineers that deliver expert service and support to your business when you need it most.




We believe in providing our users with everything they need to move forward at the pace that suits them. This approach has helped us author comprehensive documentation that includes dashboards, video tutorials and other visual aids. You won’t find this level of self-service material with Heroku.


Engine Yard vs Heroku Comparison


Features Engine Yard Heroku
Highly scalable Yes No
Ruby Optimized Yes No
DevOp Engineers with Ruby Experience Yes No
SSH Yes Additional Fee
App Monitoring Yes No
Root access Yes No


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