A scalable, secure and easy to use OpenShift Alternative


Engine Yard gives you the infrastructure and control you need in a high performance PaaS. Flexible, powerful and with virtual machines fully dedicated to you, Engine Yard gives you total control over your cloud application. With Engine Yard you also get root access to your VM’s so you have the level of access you need to manage your application deployment like you own it.

Our team of experts are also available around the clock to help you port and deploy your code and support you through the setup and configuration process. If you run into issues, we don’t just make recommendations and point you to knowledge base articles. Instead, our team owns your issue and supports you each step of the way. Unlike OpenShift, Engine Yard does not expect you to pull logs and debug your own application - we do that for you!


Don’t compromise on your PaaS

When selecting a PaaS provider, you need to go with one that offers ample product documentation and training material, not to mention support. OpenShift users complain of the lack of all three which result in a steep learning. To top it off, the OpenShift interface is not the easiest to navigate, making it tricky for new users to get started.
Additionally, your Platform-as-a-Service should be able to cater to the changing needs of your business. With your app seeing a surge of traffic in response to marketing and other business unit activities, the service you choose should be able to automatically scale as needed. The ability to do so ensures uptime and business continuity at the times you need it most.




Engine Yard is so much more than just a platform

Engine Yard has over 10 years of experience delivering true 24x7 enterprise-grade Ruby DevOps.

We offer:


  • 20 Years Expertise of DBA Support
  • Performance Testing
  • Automation
  • Real AWS Hardware at 50% Lower Price
  • Custom Chef
  • 24/7 Proactive Support 
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Ruby Stack Optimization
  • Health Check
  • Load Testing
  • Autoscaling
  • Disaster Recovery

You don't get all that with OpenShift.

Not convinced? Check out our Engine Yard vs Openshift comparison.


Some more of the benefits exclusive to Engine Yard have been provided below