PHP Cloud Hosting Made Easy


Engine Yard delivers the power of the cloud without your team having to worry about DevOps and operations management. You will have your app up and running in no time with the Engine Yard team available 24/7 to help with snapshots, database administration, cluster management, backups and load-balancing.




Deploy from Git

Link Engine Yard to a GitHub account.

Deploy your application straight from your GitHub repository.




Deploy Using CLI

Simple and easy two step process to deploy

your PHP application to Engine Yard Cloud using CLI


Step 1 - Install the engineyard gem: gem install engineyard

Step 2 - Deploy your application: ey deploy





Deploying your PHP application on Engine Yard Cloud

For PHP projects, if Engine Yard detects a composer.lock file in the project root, it will immediately run composer install, installing your Composer-managed dependencies. This greatly simplifies deployment as you do not need to install the dependencies, package them, and push them to your environment – or, alternately, create a deployment task to install them. Engine Yard takes care of the heavy lifting for you.


Get Started with PHP on Engine Yard Cloud

Configure a PHP application environment
PHP environment variables
Important PHP files
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